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Healthy, fast, and above all tasty food to take away or have delivered at home…
That’s Georgies!

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It is a constant struggle: what am I going to eat? How can I make it healthy and delicious as well? And, how long will it take me? You choose the easy way out: ordering food. However, you don’t feel like ordering unhealthy fries or pizza again…

But why can’t that comforting plate of fast food be healthy? Here at Georgies, we prove you it can be! We’ve got you covered when it comes to healthy, fast and, above all, tasty meals. To top it off, we prefer to work with local products and ingredients too!

That’s why our motto is;

Good food for a good mood!
About georgies

Georgie is the name, healthy, fast, and above all tasty food the game.

Georgies is the brainchild of Sjors, our owner & chef. The idea for the restaurant was sparked during his graduation project. He noticed that many people, especially from his own generation, struggled to cook a healthy meal and resorted to eating fast food. Sjors believed that fast food can also be healthy. He defined the concept and with all the right ingredients in place he started Georgies.

The passion and attention for food and quality at a fair price are of paramount importance to Sjors and the way he works, as well as working with local products and ingredients.

Georgies Chef Sjors
Team georgies

Meet the Georgies team. Each of us dedicated  and Skilled to get you in a good mood  through our Georgies food.

Team Georgies Chef Sjors Heil

Owner & chef

Sjors Heil

Team Georgies Assistant Cook & Courier Ellen Veldhuijzen

Assistant cook & courier

Ellen Veldhuijzen

Georgies in the picture

Get a glimpse of Georgies Maastricht. Not only our food  looks good so just have a look while we cook.

georgies menu cooking serving

Behind the Georgies' scene...

Chef Sjors serving the food that makes you feel good!

georgies menu val dieu salad zoom

So cheesy...

Who doesn't melt for our Val Dieu salad!

Georgies Menu Codfish

Oh my cod...

Georgies codfish dish

georgies menu chicken salad zoom

Chicks love it...

Our classic ceasar chicken salad!

Georgies FAQ

Want to know more?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

Why ‘Georgies’ as the name?

Georgie is the catchy English translation of the Dutch name ‘Sjors’, our owner and chefs name. He came up with the name because of it – obviously – is his own restaurant and sounded catchy in Dutch as well as English. However, he owes the real origin of the name to his mother who used to call him ‘Georgie’ as a nickname.

What about food allergies?

Georgies is well aware of the fact there are many people with some kind of food allergy. We’ve got plenty experience cooking allergy-friendly and meet the allergens legislation. All you have to do is notify us and we’ll make sure it suits your needs. Last but not least, we even have a gluten free menu!

Why can’t i reserve a table at Georgies?

Georgies is a so called ‘ghost kitchen’. It means Georgies primarily focuses on takeaway and delivery, therefore leaving the classic ‘sit and eat’ in the background. Nevertheless, we do have a some tables at our restaurant at the Akersteenweg, but it simply isn’t our core business to serve you on the spot. In the future though, we intent to set up one (or two) long tables at Georgies, giving you the opportunity to socialize with other customers easier and get you in a good mood even sooner!

Where can i park my car?

You can park right in front of Georgies. Coming from the Maastricht city center to the highway, go straight ahead and take the first exit after the overpass to the service road to get there.

How can i reach Georgies by public transport?

Check out 9292.nl for the most recent travel information. Bus stop Akersteenweg, Heer, is located right in front of the restaurant.

What are Georgies opening hours?

We’re opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 22.00. Every now and then however, we’re on the road, cooking Georgies’ food elsewhere. Follow our socials for the most recent opening hours-updates.

Why use local products & ingredients?

Georgies always prefers to work with local products and ingredients. We want to serve you the best dishes and make sure the ingredients used are as fresh as possible. We use the best products the region has to offer. That’s not only tasty & healthy, but also gives us the opportunity to cook season-related dishes. Furthermore, by using local products, we can cut down on pollution and minimalize our impact on the environment.

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